$Cheese on Solana

It's Just a fucking slice of cheese

Don't bother scrolling down,

Its probably nothing down there.

CheeseChain launched on June/11/2024

Live Now!

Build on CheeseChain, Create Your own CheeseChain Token

Buy and sell with $CHEESE -- Gas is $Cheese

Bridge your $Cheese onto CheeseChain and get started

  1. Buy $Cheese on Solana

    • Purchase $Cheese tokens on the Solana blockchain through a compatible exchange.

  2. Connect Your Solana Wallet

  3. Connect Your MetaMask Wallet

    • Connect your MetaMask wallet in the second part of the bridge interface.

    • (you will need to add CheeseChain mainnet to metamask) go to https://fetascan.io/ scroll bottom left of page to button "Add CheeseChain" (it might give warning because its a new a chain)

  4. Approve the Transaction

    • Approve the transaction in both your Solana and MetaMask wallets.

    • make sure you have a little bit of sol in your wallet to cover transaction fee or it wont work

    • Click "Bridge" and wait for the process to complete. (can take like 15min for coins to show up)

    • Your $Cheese will now be in your wallet on CheeseChain.

  5. Start Trading CheeseChain tokens

  6. Select $Cheese

    • In the top trade area of Cheddex, select $Cheese.

    • Enter the amount of $Cheese you want to swap.

  7. Paste the desired CheeseChain token Contract Address you wish to buy

    • In the bottom trade area, paste the desired token contract address.

  8. Approve and Swap

    • Click "Approve" at the bottom.

    • Wait a few moments for the approval.

    • Click "Swap" to complete the transaction.

How to:

Remember you can always bridge your $Cheese back onto the solana network

If you need help with anything we have an active telegram community.